Evidence Based Genealogy with Lineascope

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Source Processing with Lineascope

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to start my research all over?

A: Lineascope could be used to document all your past research, but you don’t have to use it that way. I recommend starting small by using it to either research a question you haven’t answered yet or to create a proof for an event with contradictory or poor quality evidence that you’ve worked on in the past. Then show the resulting event sheet to some genealogy colleagues. After you’ve used it through a complete project and shared the results you’ll have a better idea of its simplicity, power, and value.

Q: Does Linescope replace my current genealogy database software?

A: Lineascope supplements your current genealogy database software; it does not replace it. It captures and enables you to analyze the entire line of evidence rather than just the sources and conclusion. Your genealogy software makes pretty pictures and more reports than Lineascope currently does.

Q: Should I put unsuccessful searches in Lineascope?

A: I don’t envision Lineascope being used to document past, unsuccessful search efforts. To be sure, Linescope, like an ordinary research log, can help prevent rework and guide research while you’re researching, but if a research project is in the citation, analysis, conflict resolution, or proof writing steps—let alone complete—all possible benefits of capturing unsuccessful search attempts is too costly in terms of time.